I refuse to call myself a ‘social media guru’ but I know a thing or two about using social media outside the marketing or communications department.  I have developed a workshop that teaches how to use social media for professional purposes like corporate branding, personal branding, advocacy and client engagement.  In that workshop I explain:

  • Setting goals for social media activity
  • Common platforms and how to use them to meet those goals
  • Measuring success at social media
  • Common tools to use with social media
  • Tips, tricks and common pitfalls

Depending on the social media experience level of the participants the workshop can also include a walk through of the most popular platforms and setting up of accounts.   The workshop can be conducted for a small group for a more hands on approach or more lecture style for a larger group.  If you feel that your organization needs some help in getting your staff active on social media, let me know and we can talk about a workshop.


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