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How I would like you to use LinkedIn

[Remember – this is my blog so I can muse about whatever I want.]

I think that we’ve all noticed that LinkedIn usage has jumped in recent months.  According to LinkedIn itself, membership grew by 16 million to 225 million in the first quarter of the year.  That’s a 7.6% increase in just one quarter.  It is the 22nd most visited web property in the world.

LinkedIn is an ‘old’ social network since it launched in 2003.  Many people (myself included) built a profile and then ignored it.  Many of you still are ignoring your profile because you think that you are not job-hunting so don’t need it.  I am posting today to ask you to update your profile.  Please.  For me.

There are two things that I use LinkedIn for now and neither is job hunting.  One is to publish blog posts.  Links to a blog post go out simultaneously on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  If you miss it the moment that it goes out on Twitter, you can find it more leisurely on LinkedIn or Facebook.  That is, if you are connected with me in either place (and note that I have to know you pretty well to connect on Facebook – not so much on LinkedIn).

The other thing that I use LinkedIn for is to check out people’s profiles before I meet with them.  Before in my previous job and even more now, I frequently meet with new people.  I like to check out their profile first to see what they look like (it helps when meeting for coffee in a crowded café) and get a better handle on what they are doing now and what their background is.  This is why I would like you, all of you, to post a photo and update your LinkedIn profile so that it tells me what you are doing now and the essential things that you have done in your past.

And yes, I also use LinkedIn to build a network because you have no idea where the next consulting gig is going to come from.  And when I was hiring in my last job I always checked out the applicant’s LinkedIn profile.  So for independent consultants and job hunters or engagers it is essential.

But for the rest of you – please update your profile!